O u r W i n e r y


O u r r e v i t a l i s e d b o u t i q u e w i n e r y

You will hear stories in the valley about how they once crushed 450 ton at Long Gully one particular year in the late nineties. Now that was many years ago and we all know how stories get bigger in the telling, just ask any fisherman about the one that got away. That said however Long Gully was a real contender back in its heyday and who knows maybe they did. 

When the new owners took possession in 2019 however much of the infrastructure was outdated and much was not functional at all. In the first year all of the tanks were removed while the floor drains were replaced and the floors recoated with modern surfaces. A new 125-ton fermenter array was imported and installed with most of the old tanks sold or relocated within the winery. A new Quantor higher capacity refrigeration plant was installed and from Scharfenberger in Germany we sourced a new crusher/destemmer and a new 6500 litre Europress.

So today we don’t need to muse on stories from long ago because what really excites us is that we now have a revitalised state of the art boutique wine making facility to make great wines just because we can.


Careful to use oak to enhance but not overpower or dominate our wines, we use new premium oak barrels and puncheons made from timbers of the great old forests of France, sourced from a variety of Coopers.

Our Winemaker Jerry and his assistant Andrew setting up the Europress for the 2022 Vintage.

Ready for processing

2 0 2 2 V i n t a g e

Estate grown grapes picked and ready for processing

T e m p e r a t u r e C o n t r o l l e d B a r r e l H a l l

Our temperature controlled barrel hall ensures that we can keep conditions just right for optimal outcomes for the wonderful processes underway in the barrels.


Let's Get Together!​

With our new Cellar Door currently under construction, we look forward to meeting you on the property in the new year.